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News Bit: PlayStation's Jim Ryan wants Sony games to come to a wider audience

In a fireside chat interview, CEO of PlayStation has stated his frustration that the hit games that are released by Sony studios are only able to be played by 10s of millions of people owing to the current console model of delivery. And would like to see them in the hands of 100s of millions.

This, along with rumours of more and more Sony games coming to PC, seems to suggest that they're actively looking to release their games on more than just PlayStation.

Undoubtedly this will upset some of the hard core console warriors who like their exclusives to not be played by anyone who hasn't shelled out for the latest console. But for the majority this can only be good news.

While Sony recently began making profit on the sale of a PlayStation 5, the profit margin of consoles is very small. Really just being sold to then get people to spend money on the software that makes the money.

So porting more Sony games to PC would make financial sense.

Watch the interview here:

With the competition bringing all games to console and PC simultaneously, it looks like Sony might be agreeing that this is the future method for delivering video games.

Let us know what you think? Would it bother you that PC gamers get to enjoy the games you do, and if so, why? Hit the comments.

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