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News Bit: Bloodborne Remaster and Sequel Rumours

Recent Sony acquisition Bluepoint Studio may be working on the Bloodborne IP.

This rumour begins with a tweet from Colin Moriarty: 'I'm hearing through the grapevine Bluepoint may be on a journey to Yharnam.'

Bluepoint studio are known for remakes of games, including the PS5 launch title Demon's Souls remake. So it would make perfect sense that they are indeed ground up remaking Bloodborne. Despite the original game still looking dam good.

However, there is also news the Bloodborne is working on their own brand new IP for Sony. Which might mean a sequel isn't going to be showing up any time soon.

Either way, with the record Bluepoint has for visual quality, I'd be expecting great things from anything coming our way.

If you want to experience some Bloodborne for yourself, you can pick up a copy here. Or watch our in house streamer Riku take on the nightmares of Yharnam in 'The Misadventures of Rufus LeGrande'.

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