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Uncharted 4 coming to PC. . . Good!

In a recent investors relation report at Sony, it was revealed that another of Sony’s first party exclusives might be heading to PC; 2016s Uncharted 4.

This has caused some level of outrage among the diehard Sony fans who prefer that their games are locked behind a velvet rope, but why. Is the enjoyment of a game really dependent on others not playing that game?

It's members only, chump!

Now in the name of transparency I’ll confess to being a green blooded Xbot, with a PS4 I keep around for a rainy day. But one of the things I actually enjoy about being in the Xbox ecosystem, is that when a game is announced as exclusive to xbox, my PC playing friends aren’t deprived. And from my understanding, many PlayStation mains also own a PC, so it’s wins all round right?

Now, what’s the point of owning a console, if there aren’t exclusives for it?

Well, for me console gaming is entirely preferable to playing on PC. I spend all day working in my office, the last thing I want to do after work is stay at my desk gaming. Hell, even now I’m writing this article from a 10 inch tablet on the sofa just so i don’t have to be at my desk for a minute longer than i have to.

Yes, i could bring my PC downstairs, or even if i really wanted to commit to PC games, get a second PC that’s kept next to my TV. However, the custom operating system of a console is, to me anyway, vastly better than launching Windows, loading steam, then the game, connecting a controller, putting my mouse to the side...urgh.

Died of office chair related back pain. Fs in chat.

I’m not alone, i don’t believe that the cross over market of PC gamers and console gamers is that large. If an ‘exclusive’ game is also available on PC, this won’t affect the decision of most console gamers to buy it on console.

With Uncharted 4, this game is nearly 5 years old. No one is buying into the PlayStation ecosystem to play just this game. So why would there be any issue in allowing it to move onto another system. It’s not the competitor, Xbox still isn’t getting Uncharted 4, so the console warriors can still look down on someone as they so love to do.

Don't worry guys, it's not real, it can't hurt you

My partner is a PlayStation main, the PS4 i have is a hand-me-down from when he bagged himself a PS5 a few months ago. He also has a Xbox One S and Game Pass, so there are plenty of games we get to play together. However, at some point new Xbox releases will be coming to the Series X console only, and our days of gaming together on the latest Game Pass releases, it seems, would be over...

If not for the fact he also has a high end gaming laptop, so without the need to purchase anything new he’ll be able to join me on Gears 7 or Halo Infi-Reach.

I see no way this could effect me negatively. And diehard PlayStation exclusive flag wavers should chill out and recognise that sharing with PC wont negatively effect them either.

Regardless, with Horizon Zero Dawn making a 250% return on investment on it's PC port, releasing older PS exclusives to PC is a trend that's likely to continue, so probably best to get used to it now.

You can check out the full Investor Relations reports here.

There’s probably a counter argument to this to be made somewhere, but I’m not arguing.

I’m busy playing games.

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