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News Bit: Rimworld on Steam Deck is delayed due to the Invasion of Ukraine

While Rimworld does technically run on the newly released Steam Deck, the developer has revealed that updates to help it run on the platform have been delayed. This is due to Russia's attack on Ukraine which is where the developer working on the patch lives.

Making an announcement on Steam, the development team explain that there are “a number of UI issues and general jankiness” that needs to be fixed for Rimworld to run well on Steam Deck. The developer working on these issues lives in Ukraine and after initial delays getting a Steam Deck console to him, the war means he won't be making any progress. Tech lead Piotr Walczak has now taken over the Steam Deck integration efforts instead.

Ludeon Studios is unlikely to be the only studio affected by Russia's war on Ukraine and we may see more delays being announced in the future from development studios inside the country. So far, developers from Ukraine have been speaking out about the war and commented on how it may affect their work.

*This article has been supplied free of charge by Clare Lunawolf in hopes to help bring awareness to the Ukraine situation*

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