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News Bit: World of Tanks studio has fired a creative director who supports the Russian invasion

Wargaming has fired creative director Sergey Burkatovskiy over his public support of the Russians invasion and war with Ukraine. Burkatovskiy has since deleted his Facebook post which stated he supports “the operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation” and commented on the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Lukank as fighting for Russia.

Since then, Burkatovskiy quickly stated to the Russian gaming website that the statement was “his personal opinion”. Wargaming was fast to respond and fired him the next day, a representative reached out to PC Gamer to confirm he was no longer at the company.

Wargaming is based in Belarus and has an office in Kyiv and has halted all advertising in Ukraine due to the belief it is inappropriate to advertise war games in the “centre of this conflict”. The company is also working to support their 500+ colleagues who work at the Ukraine office to provide them with alternative housing, early salary payments and additional funds to aid with relocation. In addition to this, Wargaming has donated $1m million to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

The developer has vowed to offer further support for humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine “if the situation requires”. While Belarus has now joined Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, Wargaming is making its stance on this new war clear.

*This article has been supplied free of charge by Clare Lunawolf in hopes to help bring awareness to the Ukraine situation*

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