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News Bit: ESL suspends Russian esport teams and competitions

ESL has announced that “organizations with apparent ties to the Russian government. Including individuals or organizations under alleged or confirmed EU sanctions” will not be allowed to compete in its Pro League events.

The company has released an official statement on their website explaining its response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It states that they have been working to support people suffering from the war with donations to the UN Refugee Agency, paid time off for affected colleagues and also paid time off for employees to volunteer for humanitarian relief efforts.

An ESL event due to take place in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region has also been suspended. The region includes both Russia and Belarus, the two states currently invading Ukraine. So far, and Gambit have been identified for exclusion and players from both teams are “welcome to compete under a neutral name, without representing their country, organization or their team's sponsors”.

*This article has been supplied free of charge by Clare Lunawolf in hopes to help bring awareness to the Ukraine situation*

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