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News Bit: Ukraine Developers and Teams speak out about the Invasion

Ukrainian game developers and those with teams in Ukraine are all speaking out about the new war that's enveloped the country. Various developers have made official statements online about the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. The fighting comes after months of uncertainty and escalation with Russia, leading millions in Ukraine uncertain about their future. We've compiled all of the statements released from different Ukraine based developers and teams.

GSC Game World (STALKER)

The developer of the STALKER series has posted on Twitter stating that “the future is unknown, but we are sure of our Armed Forces and country”. The more extended version of the statement adds that they believe Ukraine is “ready to defend its freedom and independence, for it remains strong and ready for anything”.

It comes with a message for the gaming industry, including other developers, critics, bloggers and players: “Do not stand aside and help those in need”.

Ubisoft (Two offices in Ukraine, one in Kyiv and one in Odessa)

The accessibility manager at Ubisoft took a moment to discuss the invasion on his Twitter account and reminded fans that Ubisoft has two development studios in Ukraine. David Tisserand states "it's hard to put a work-face on today as our Ukrainian colleagues are being invaded". He also wanted to highlight how vital both Ukrainian teams have been in "making the games we love more accessible since Origins". Tisserand adds that he's "scared for the friends" he was still having meetings with the day before the invasion.

Ubisoft has also followed this up with its own statement on Twitter. The company states that they had been monitoring the situation over the past few months and making plans to support their Ukraine teams. It comments that Ubisoft has been working to help protect and financially support their colleagues. The statement also confirms they are "fully mobilized to continue" with this assistance.

Frogwares (The Sinking City and Sherlock Holmes)

A representative from the development studio Frogwares has posted to Twitter about the invasion. The account states that “we are trying to stay safe, but this is war, there are no two ways about it”. It adds that Ukraine is a “peaceful nation” that has never attacked or threatened anyone.

Frogwares concludes their message by adding that “because of this situation, our work will be impacted and our lives can be destroyed”.

Sengi Games (The Serpent Rogue, published by Team17 Digital)

The team behind the Twitter account for The Serpent Rogue has released a short statement to announce the war and invasion. Without going into too much detail, it comments that they will “not be able to answer or help you much with the game”.

4A Games (Metro Series)

After the initial conflict over Crimea in 2014, 4A Games moved their headquarters to Sliema in Malta instead. However, they do still have a team in the Kyiv office. The developer posted a statement on Twitter about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It adds the message that “we can only do one thing – support Ukraine and each other”.

Tiny Build (Publisher and Developer)

CEO of Tiny Build, Alex Nichiporchik, has posted a message of support on his own Twitter account. He reveals that Tiny Build was running through “possible scenarios” that could impact their team members and partners currently in Ukraine. Nichiporchiki states they “accelerated relocation procedures, offered support for moving to the Western part of the country, and prepared for different scenarios”.

Nickiporchiki also adds that they have a “team of strong leads coordinating efforts of getting people to safety”. This includes finances, housing and logistics for moving people to safer areas. They want to ensure “nobody gets left behind”.

Short Comments and Statements

The developer behind the upcoming city-builder Ostriv commented on Twitter that they “woke up today at 5 am to the sounds of Russian shelling”. Meanwhile, Vostok Games, the developer of Survarium and another Kyiv based developer, tweeted they are safe for now. It adds that they will continue to work remotely at this time “depending on how it develops”.

More statements with come from developers and publishers as the situation progresses. In addition to this, various companies have begun making donations to the humanitarian aid efforts and are actively working to support aid in Ukraine.

*This article was provided free of charge by Clare Lunawolf to help spread awareness and support for the people of Ukraine.*

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