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News Bit: Elden Ring already has over 700,000 concurrent users playing

Elden Ring was able to reach over 700,000 concurrent players on Steam within three hours of its launch on Steam. The game was released in the middle of the night in Europe so it's thought this number will increase over the weekend. This is the highest concurrent player count ever seen for a Dark Souls game.

While it is not a sequel to the Dark Souls series, Elden Ring is from the same developer and it follows their classic style of gameplay. Dark Souls 3 had its highest concurrent player count peak at 129,975 around six years ago which is the highest count for the official series. Elden Ring has so far received almost universal praise from critics and sitting near the top of various “Best Game of All Time” lists.

SteamDB reveals that before the Steam release, the game reached over 900,000 watchers on Twitch. The number of viewers quickly decreased once Elden Ring was released on Steam but the viewer count remains high overall.

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