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News Bit: Dragon Age 4 is in the Middle of Production

BioWare has released an official game update about the next game in the Dragon Age series. The developer has posted to their official website about the game to provide some new details. It was officially confirmed last year but it started development in 2015 and there's no release date yet.

The blog post from general manager Gary McKay states that the nest Dragon Age is “right in the middle of Production”. He also adds that the “blueprint” of the game was completed last year. Dragon Age 4 has completed various stages of development at this point including the concept and pre-production phases which confirm different aspects. This includes the vision of the game, the technical foundations and also game mechanics.

Dragon Age 4 has previously suffered an internal reboot so this news from BioWare is a very good sign. More news about the game is expected to be announced later this year.

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