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News Bit: Redfall gets a 20-minute Deep Dive

As part of QuakeCon 2022, Bethesda has released a deep dive into the upcoming vampire game Redfall. The deep dive is a 20-minute video that reveals more about what we can expect from the new game and IP.

Redfall is a story-driven open-word FPS game that's been built to support solo and co-op. As explained in the deep dive, the team wanted to ensure there was no quality difference between playing alone or with others. It's also been confirmed that while Redfall has some horror elements, there aren't any jump scares.

Playable characters in Redfall don't have specific roles, according to the deep dive there should a lot of variety for each of them. Players should be able to level their character up however they wish and form a unique playstyle. In addition to this, some skills will have an added multiplayer benefit.

Redfall was originally due for release this year but it was delayed into next year. It should now be released in the first half of 2023.

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