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News Bit: Dead Island 2 release date potentially leaked by Amazon

Amazon is notorious for leaking games ahead of announcements, and it appears that this has happened again. A Dead Island 2 sale page recently went live on the platform but has since been removed.

Before the Amazon store page was removed, Twitter user Wario64 quickly posted screenshots and information from the page to Twitter. According to them, the listing included a February 3rd, 2023 release date and a product description, but both have since been removed.

According to the product listing, Dead Island 2 is set in Los Angeles and features some of the city's most iconic locations, including Beverly Hills and Venice Beach. Players will be able to choose between six playable characters who are fully customisable. It also confirms there will be "dozens of distinct zombie types” in the game. The complete product description can also be found on Twitter.

Dead Island 2 is expected to be finally re-revealed to the world later this year. An early 2023 release date has been previously rumoured so the February 3rd date listed on the Amazon store page does seem realistic.

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