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News Bit: Twitch streamer gets Swatted by Transphobic Trolls

Being swatted by trolls is always an awful experience but for one Twitch streamer, it's yet another part of the sustained harassment campaign she's been experiencing. Twitch streamer Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti was rudely awoken by police pointing a gun in her face on August 5th.

The Canadian police explained the situation to her. Someone had sent an email to every city council member at 6am that day claiming to be her, announcing she had an illegal gun, that she had killed her mother and that she was going to go to City Hall to “shoot every cisgender person”. The email was an obvious fake and used both her real name and dead name.

Prior to this event, the local police had refused to add her to a “no-swatting” list despite her concerns. After finding her mother unharmed and not finding a gun in the house, the police still seized her electronics. They also booked Sorrenti using her dead name and when speaking to her mother, the police repeated used the word “son” for her.

Sorrenti has released a video explaining what happened on YouTube. She intends to move as she no longer feels safe in the house. Sorrenti has begun a GoFundMe campaign to finance the move and the legal battle.

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