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News Bit: PlayStation games on PC might need a PSN Account soon

PlayStation has updated its website with a new FAQ about PC games. The new section is focused on players looking to buy PlayStation Studios titles on Steam or Epic Games Store. It also hints that Sony might force PC gamers to make a PSN account in the future.

The FAQ contains different questions and some definitive answers. However, some of the answers seem more open to change. One question asks “Do I need a PSN account to play PlayStation games on PC” and the answer is not definitive. It states that users “currently” don't need to have a PSN account. This implies that it's open to change in the future. The FAQ also states it's “currently not possible” to transfer save data from the PS4 or PS5 to the PC.

While there's no need for a PSN account at the moment, it looks like Sony is considering this in the future. This isn't too surprising however, some Xbox Game Studios games require an Xbox Live account to play them.

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