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PlayStation Studio Purchases

PlayStation Japan have shot off too early with a reveal that shows they're building their first party studio line.

The tweet stating 'Welcome to the Family' appeared with images of Bluepoint Games and one with Housemarque appeared along side the Sony Studio logo.

With already an exclusive relationship with these studios it's unsurprising that they would be bought into the fold. Especially with a need to be seen to be competing with Microsoft's recent purchases.

Bluepoint Games are responsible for Shadow of the Colossus and are self titled 'Masters of the Remaster'. So in keeping with PlayStation 5's current habit of releasing polished new gen versions of older games.

Housemarque of course behind the recent divisive Returnal game.

While we're still yet to have an official announcement. It's likely to be later today. And the Bluepoint website already makes it quite clear they're association with Sony Studios.

With a rumoured upcoming PlayStation Experience event, hopefully both these studios will have some fresh reveals of what they're working on.

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