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New Vampire Game, Redfall, coming 2022

Vampires are hot again? Well, not hot, not these ones at least. Lady D and her daughters are another matter. But it seems they're at the very least making a revival in pop culture of games.

Xbox and Bethesda showcase gave us a crazy amount of games. Crazy. We could barely keep up.

But they certainly made a punchy final drop in Redfall, from Arkane studios.

With some blood suckers who could out ugly Nosferatu, and great stylisation, this trailer has certainly left a delicious (Blood, death and strawberry) flavour in our mouth.

Details of game play aren't clear. But we can see some use of Magic, Steak launching guns, explosives, and we know it's optionally multiplayer.

Which is great for those who enjoy a single player experience. But i'll certainly be trying to play this one with a few friends for a great experience.

With how much we have to play between now and Redfall's release. Saying I can't wait isn't accurate. Frankly the backlog is already too large. But I'm certainly looking forward to some Vampire slaughter fun.

Oh and of course, Game Pass day one.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Get ready for this and many other games with Xbox Game Pass.

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