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News Bit: PlayStation is removing purchased movies from User Accounts

First spotted by Exputer, PlayStation Store is removing purchased movies from user accounts in Germany and Austria. This is a decision that's being called “theft” by users who had previously purchased the digital content to permanently keep on their accounts.

The legal notice from PlayStation Germany states that all Studio Canal content is being removed from video libraries, even if that account “owns” a copy of it. The notice also lists all of the content affected including titles such as American Gods, the entire Saw series, Shaun the Sheep Movie, John Wick and Stargate.

It highlights the problem with digital goods. If the company hosting the content loses rights to it, users can have their access license revoked. When it comes to digital films, users don't purchase the film itself. Users just purchase a limited license to view the content. Film Stories has a detailed article on this topic here.

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