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News Bit: Skull and Bones finally gets a Release Date and New Gameplay Trailer

Skull and Bones is finally going to release after years of development and delays. Ubisoft recently held a new Ubisoft Forward Spotlight which focused on the upcoming game with news and gameplay from the mysterious title. The special Livestream included quite a bit of gameplay and gave us our first official look at what to expect.

The game sends players on a journey to become the most infamous pirate on the Indian Ocean by taking part in all kinds of activities. However, naval combat is the most important aspect of this where players need to take down other ships to take their loot. It can be played single player but it does support co-op and it allows for PvP. Whether or not PvP is allowed depends on the server you've decided to join, this means there will be dedicated PvE servers as well. Ubisoft has released a separate gameplay video that goes into more detail about the combat.

Ship Combat, Customization and Progression Gameplay:

Skull and Bones will finally release on November 8th this year for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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