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News Bit: Next Mass Effect game will use Unreal Engine 5

BioWare producer Brenon Holmes recently tweeted about an open position at the company. The job is for an associate technical director “with UE4/5 experience”. He states that the role is for the next Mass Effect game.

The job post itself doesn't mention the Mass Effect series but the responsibilities and requirements clearly fit the series. The role is for a AAA game which is also a narrative-driven action RPG for future release on PC and consoles.

Holmes does not state the game will run on Unreal Engine 5 but reporter Jeff Grubb confirms it will be created in UE5.

Grubb has been a very reliable source in the past for unannounced game information and leaks. According to him the team is “putting pieces into place” and this engine decision was “a choice made by the team putting the game together”.

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