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News Bit: New Elden Ring datamined during the Network Test

Unsurprisingly, Elden Ring was datamined during the recent Network Test. The files lifted from the test include quest and voice data which reveals key plot points including the endgame content for Elden Ring. If you want to avoid spoilers, be careful when looking at Elden Ring news and dedicated social media such as Reddit until the game releases in February.

The leak includes over 3000 voice files, character model and animation data in addition to dialogue scripts from the quests in the game. While this information is being hit by copyright strikes by Bandai Namco, much of it can still be found online. The official Elden Ring subreddit bans posts with any datamined content so those looking to avoid leaks will be mostly safe within official fan spaces for the game.

Elden Ring will finally release February 25th 2022. It was delayed from a January release and is now expected to stay on track for the February release.

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