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News Bit: Former Xbox Head of Hardware explains the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

Those who remember the “Red Ring of Death” issue for the Xbox 360 will be pleased to know that someone who worked at Microsoft has finally explained the issue. Todd Holmdahl is the former head of hardware for Xbox and during the fifth chapter of the Power On: The Story of Xbox documentary, he explains it was due to broken connectors.

Holmdahl explains the problem was due to connectors breaking inside the system when the console switched too quickly between hot and cold. Turning the console on and off could cause different stresses on the system and the connector break was one of them. He also commented that the red ring of death almost destroyed the brand due to public perception at the time.

It might sound strange now but if the CEO of Microsoft wasn't willing to provide the needed funds to solve the problem, we might have never seen another Xbox console.

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