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News Bit: New Skull & Bones Trailers have Dropped

Skull & Bones is finally set to release this November after years of delays and what seemed to be “development hell”. Ubisoft did include Skull & Bones in its latest Ubisoft Forward but strangely, it didn't take the focal point of the event despite it being so close to release now.

The new gameplay trailer for Skull & Bones is just over one minute long so it doesn't give a great representation of the game. Much of the included footage for combat doesn't seem to be actual gameplay so calling it a “gameplay trailer” seems a little misleading.

Ubisoft did also a release a “Developer Breakdown Official Trailer” which gives us a much better look at the game. It's mostly the above gameplay trailer with a developer walking us through a few things and dropping a few extra images on the screen. This one gives us a lot more information about what to expect from Skull & Bones when it releases this year.

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