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News Bit: Skull & Bones Tutorial Video Leaked

A new video for Ubisoft's upcoming pirate game, Skull & Bones, has been leaked online. The game has faced years of delays, and in March, Ubisoft finally announced they were ready to start testing the game. The leaked video seems to be a tutorial.

The original leaked video on Reddit has been taken down. But many copies are on YouTube, as such:

From the latest video, we see a very different game from the one that was first announced. The leaked tutorial gives us a brief overview of the game and features a lot of new gameplay. It explains that players are starting a journey to become one of the most infamous pirates around and will need to craft better ships as they play. Infamy is highlighted to be very important in the video. While the game is multiplayer-focused, the video states that playing solo is possible. The world of Skull & Bones will also include World Event for large numbers of players to take part in to earn loot.

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