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News Bit: Life is Strange developer plans to release at least six games by the end of 2025

Dontnod has announced that they plan to release at least six games by the end of 2025. These upcoming games haven't all been announced yet and the news was revealed in its latest business review. The company states they will release eight by the end of 2025.

The business review notes that 6 of the games are in-house projects and they will be publishing two games underneath their banner as well. Dontnod will be publishing the games the next games from indie developers PortaPlay and Tolima. It also emphasised a commitment to the Life is Strange series and to Vampyr. Both games have brought a lot of financial success to the company and they “intend to continue to capitalize on” it.

We can expect Dontnod to announce these mysterious upcoming games over the next few years as those projects get closer to being release ready.

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