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E3 is Strange (and oh so bloody exciting!) – Bring on Life is Strange in 2021!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

After Xbox delivered a delicious platter of gaming goodness earlier, Square Enix were always going to have to deliver a mouth-watering main course to follow. And if superheroes in space or Final Fantasy filling up your mobile phone doesn’t quite do it for you, perhaps Life is Strange will!

Alongside the remasters of the original Life is Strange double-bill, Square Enix supplied brand-new gameplay mechanics relating to True Colors, the third mainstay title in the game’s series. Unlike the time-manipulation and telekinesis of the first two games, Life is Strange: True Colors offers players the power of empathy – but many have been wondering exactly what that will look and play like.

Our new protagonist, Alex Chen, has the power to connect to those around her using a ‘nova’ – a reflection of the other person’s psyche where thoughts and memories are available for her to explore and deal with. But of course, this comes with unstable and staggering consequences. The choices you make – and to what degree you meddle in the affairs of others – will considerably change up the progression of the plot: a foundation of the Life is Strange series to date. That said, this latest information suggests that these choices could be more meaningful than ever before.

We’ll be able to wander around the wonderful Haven Springs from September 10th this year, with pre-orders well and truly open right now. Alongside the already-announced ‘Wavelengths’ DLC focusing on Life is Strange: Before the Storm’s Steph Gingrich, there is a whole host of packages available which also include the remasters. And we can’t recommend these enough!

If you were Alex right now, you’d be able to see our anticipation bubbling over! Let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comments (as we can’t read emotions like she can, sadly).

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