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News Bit: Google Stadia is quietly shifting focus

According to a new report from Business Insider, Google is shifting the focus of the Stadia streaming platform. It claims that Google is now looking to integrate the streaming tech into the other areas of its business.

The report also claims that Google is looking to sell the technology to partners under the name “Google Stream”. Stadia as a consumer platform has been “deprioritised” within Google and the company now has a “reduced interest in negotiating blockbuster third-party titles” for the streaming platform. Business Insider states that Google is looking elsewhere for the technology to go and claims that Stadia technology may be coming to the Peleton fitness bikes.

Player retention is supposedly a “huge problem” for Stadia as the streaming service still has a low active user count. While Stadia might be getting deprioritised, Google is still in discussions with developers and publishers about bringing games to Stadia.

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