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News Bit: Blizzard is hiring staff to join a new project for an established IP

A new job listing at Blizzard has appeared on the official careers website for an “unannounced project”. Before this, Blizzard did reveal they were working on a new survival game which was a new IP. This new job listing has nothing to do with that project and is another brand new game.

The most interesting part of the job listing is that this is for a new game in an “established Blizzard IP”. It states the applicant for the Lead Content Designer role will need to have a “clear vision for mechanically and narratively interesting mission within an established Blizzard IP”. The listing places emphasis on narrative content and it notes that experience with “world-building and writing for role-playing games” is a bonus.

There's no way to know what IP the game is for. However, considering it's for an RPG makes World of Warcraft a strong possibility. Twinned with the recent words from Phil Spencer, chief of Xbox, regarding wanting more people to play Warcraft, it might be the perfect opportunity to introduce the rich lore of WoW to a new generation.

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