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News Bit: EA removes Russian teams from All Current FIFA Games

EA has announced on Twitter that “in line” with their partners, they will be removing Russian teams from the FIFA games. This means that the Russian national team and all Russian clubs will be removed from all currently supported FIFA games.

The statement explains that “EA Sports stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and like so many voices across the world of football, calls for peace and an end to the invasion of Ukraine”. It also adds that EA Sports has “initated processes to remove” Russian teams from FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online. They also comment that they are “actively evaluating related changes to other areas of our games”.

EA will be providing updates as they go through this process and will confirm once the Russian teams have been removed from the games. Considering the response from the international football community, it's not surprising EA Sports is following suit with the removal of Russian teams in support of Ukraine.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th and started a new war in the country. There has been global support for Ukraine since the attack was unprovoked and Russia is being heavily sanctioned in response. Video game companies such as EA Sports, are also getting involved with the sanctions.

*This article has been supplied free of charge by Clare Lunawolf in hopes to help bring awareness to the Ukraine situation*

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