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News Bit: Diablo 4 Gameplay Leaked

While the GTA 6 leak has taken over the internet, Diablo 4 was also leaked. Over 30 minutes of gameplay for the upcoming game have been released to the world. While it's not confirmed, it's thought the leak originated from a Family and Friends Test for the game. The leaked content was quickly posted to Reddit for users to take a look at. The two videos have “Private Test Build” watermarks on them and an ID Number for the person playing the game. Blizzard should be able to identify the person playing the game with this information. A discussion in the shortest video suggests the person playing and the person who recorded the content are two different people. Based on the short discussion, it seems like someone joined a Discord server and started streaming Diablo 4 but none of them knew who the person was. One viewer comments that they “just hopped in”. According to the cloud storage platform the videos are saved to (, and the files will be deleted on November 17th.

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