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News Bit: Destiny 2 Cheat Seller Sues Bungie for Hacking and DCMA Violations

Bungie sued the cheat-selling website last year for selling Destiny 2 hacks and the US court did slightly side with the hacking website. Now, is countersuing Bungie for allegedly hacking them, stealing computer data, and breaking their DCMA. The countersuit against Bungie covers a variety of hacking allegations, including a claim that Bungie violated DCMA by evading the cheat's protection measures. According to the new lawsuit, a Bungie employee obtained a licence to the Destiny 2 cheat and agreed to its Terms of Service. The employee allegedly then decompiled and reverse-engineered it, in violation of the Terms of Service they agreed to. In addition to this, cheat developer James May claims that Bungie hacked him. May had previously agreed to the Destiny 2 Limited Software License Agreement (LSLA) in 2019 but says he did not agree to the new LSLA. The new LSLA allows Bungie to access player computers for anti-cheat purposes however, the original one from 2019 did not. May claims Bungie illegally accessed his computer since he did not agree to the new LSLA. It's not clear if these claims will hold up in court but it's clear that AimJunkies intends to fight Bungie for its 'right' to sell hacks.

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