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News Bit: Dead Space Remake will release in January

The release date for the Dead Space Remake has now been confirmed for January 2023. EA made the announcement alongside the release of new content art while EA Motive has released a new video looking at the art. The new video compares the new game with the graphics of the original title.

First announced in 2021, the Dead Space remake of the original 2008 game will bring the game to modern consoles. While working on the remake, the developer's aim has been to retain the original look of the first game while also bringing it up to modern standards. We've seen a fair bit of the game since it was first announced thanks to various videos looking at different game aspects. The team has been working with fan feedback to ensure the new game meets expectations.

The new Dead Space will release on January 27th next year. We will most likely be seeing more content on the game soon, especially during the summer conferences next month.

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