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News Bit: Microsoft adds Clippy to Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Season 2 is live, and Microsoft has added an unusual and beloved familiar face to the game. Everyone's favourite Microsoft mascot, Clippy, has been added to Halo Infinite as a gun buddy and nameplate. While he was disliked when first released, the loveable paper clip has become an iconic mascot for the company.

Microsoft and Xbox have added Clippy to Halo Infinite, and players are already attaching him to their weapons. He's listed as a "Legendary Charm" and is available as part of the Season 2 new additions. The Halo community has been calling for Clippy to be added to the game since its release. There are hopes that a Clippy AI might be added in the future.

The addition of Clippy is a fun piece of nostalgia, and the Legendary gun buddy does look pretty good. While Microsoft might bring more Clippy to Halo Infinite, this new addition should keep fans of the mascot happy for now.

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