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News bit: Xbox and Bethesda Showcase will be over 1 Hour Long

The upcoming Xbox and Bethesda 2022 showcase is expected to be a long one. While Xbox hasn't officially stated yet, the calendar invitation from the official website says the show will be 90 minutes long. This isn't a surprise, considering both Xbox and Bethesda usually have relatively long presentations.

While the showcase is currently listed as being 90 minutes long, this is not confirmed yet. The timing on the calendar notification could just be a placeholder still. Xbox general manager Aaron Greenberg posted on Twitter that they don't have a "final show run time yet" so the time hasn't been confirmed. Greenberg did add that usually, the show does "end up close to that 90 mins mark", so it will most likely be around that.

Meanwhile, reports suggest it could be up to two hours long to fit in all the news. In addition to this, Bethesda will be hosting QuakeCon again, including important information about its titles.

Yes, we will be streaming alongside over on our YouTube channel.

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