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Looking Back at Alan Wake

2010 gave us a brand-new horror IP we could all sink our fanged teeth into; Alan Wake, a psychological thriller by Remedy filled with missing people and strange supernatural powers, I remember buying this when i turned 15 (man i feel old). The game is also featured in other Remedy creations such as Quantum Break, in book form, and Control, mentioned in collectables. Control also released DLC which featured our hero Alan wake.

Now this October Alan Wake comes to new generation consoles in scarily stunning 4K. Available 2021-11-02. This game that showed me that light can always prevail and provides an amazing story, now let’s take a look back on what Alan wake is all about.

Alan Wake tells a story of a bestselling writer who has the dreaded writer’s block. Alice, his wife, has taken him away for a remote holiday to the sleepy town of Bright Falls. But this town has a secret hiding in the darkness, as Alan will find out.

The game has it all, creepy old town, a missing wife, and a whole lot of bad guys to evade. As a fan of horror and excitement I love the idea of this game, the idea of chasing shadows and using the old adage light vs dark while uncovering a mysterious town with lore that could fill a book!

As far as story goes, without spoilers, i can say that this is a captivating story with its twists and turns will have you on a rollercoaster of pure fear and excitement! The idea is amazing, an original story and premise, the DLC was released shortly after, as well as a ‘sequel’, Alan Wake American Nightmare, which I’m hoping to be included on the remaster as it never got a physical disc.

There were special editions of Alan Wake were an item i wished i still had today, that being a book with fiction about the town of Bright Falls and it was include in a case which was a book.

Visually the game was dark, and it felt as if the darkness was to consume you if you strayed away from the beaten path, although collectibles such as thermos and resources like batteries and medkits are also on the off path as well as hidden messages about the game’s lore.

The game focuses on a TV show style of play, and within the game you can see influences of the twilight zone, which makes the player question if it’s a dream or reality and keeps you guessing! I love the idea of a mystery TV show to incorporate the game with that style of passion and gripping play. While the locations are big and exploring can lead you to goodies, the design of each location is inspired by cliché horror environments.

Alan is an ordinary man who must face extraordinary supernatural circumstances and it makes you feel as if you’re in the situation. A 40-year-old man who has had his run in with the law and is also struggling to write while suffering from everyday life situations. His wife Alice is a beacon of light and purpose in the world and is a pivotal plot point.

The game also featured Energizer batteries, which made me feel like this game was entirely an advertisement that has been cleverly disguised as one of the greatest games I’ve played.

I can’t imagine energiser was happy with how they were be portrayed owing to how bad those batteries can be, the fact you need to be constantly be picking up new packs to recharge your lights and torches.

As for cons of the game, fighting shadow creatures can be quite tedious especially when it’s swarms however finding a light generator and playing a small mini game can help disperse them and it is quite satisfying to watch them all disappear. Also, when the wind starts howling and starts blowing in a certain direction you know that then a battle is coming up.

My simple technique I have used over the years is to run away if you have no ammo and no batteries.

I can safely say that I will be picking this up. It’s currently on my wish list on PlayStation. I am hoping that American nightmare will come with the game as well as its original DLC.

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