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Pumpkin Jack. Review

Trick or treat? The one question that the world asks each year… now i am not a fan of Halloween but i am a fan of platformers and to say the least one of my most loved platformers is Pumpkin Jack.

Now i originally bought this game for the switch back in February as i never caught a release date for PlayStation (big up PS). i had seen a trailer for the game months before and was absolute stunned with the nostalgia and art style. Different skins for jack and collectibles to obtain to get that sweet platinum trophy (or 1000G for you Xbots out there).

The asking price for the game is £24.99 yet i had a steal on sale for a whopping £12.99 with no physical disc release as off yet. But you guys aren’t here to read about how i saved a few coins and how i hope to own physical copy with delicious collectibles so read on to hear about the thrilling adventures of pumpkin jack.

First of all, the visual aspect bears a resemblance to Halloween cartoon shows, where the world is a burnt orange colour and a spooky vibe, creating a cartoony ghostly atmosphere that draws players into the world of Jack. The colour scheme is harsh and static with the glowing ember of orange, with it being the focus colour. I love the Halloween idea and as a consumer the marketing worked for me, as it really does remind me of an old PS2 game I would’ve asked my parents for.

The soundtrack for different sections of the game is that of old school arcades and reminded me of Crash Bandicoot. There were certain parts of the game where you need to time your jumps and the music fits amazingly well with the mini games. As a fan of soundtracks this one stuck with me.

The most amazing memory of this game for me is ripping off my head and using it to access new areas.

The fighting is that of a basic 3D style platformer, the weapons you can get along the way are fun and unique, especially using the crow to attack static enemies on poles. One of my favourite elements of the game is that it keeps track of how many times you die (Jack haters water BTW), and I must’ve tallied up 25-30 times throughout the game, but each time you die you can see a tag line, which sometimes rhyme (hey I’m a poet and didn’t even know it).


It was quarter to 12 at night and i was addicted to this game, but there was one section I couldn’t bypass and that was timing my jumps to avoid the dark chasm of death during the mine cart sequence, once i had finished one, a few moments later a whole new mine car section would open up. Causing frustration and anguish, i died many times and yelled profusely but i prevailed in the end. As soon as I finished the section i turned off my console only to find…that it didn’t save…

Overall, this game is a must play for anyone wanting the old PS2 style platformer and if anyone loves a linear story with Cahill mayhem then Pumpkin jack is for you.

As i have said before i am a massive fan of platformers, with many on my list to play and many i have played, pumpkin jack does really give me the childhood nostalgia I’ve been looking for. The game is well rounded with humour and fights, along with a witty crow that follows you telling you about the story and other such lore.

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