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Top 5 Things I Want to see in Insomniac's Wolverine

The PlayStation showcase had some exciting reveals. That Venom moment for Spiderman 2.

But the one that caught me truly off guard was another Marvel hero.

Here are 5 things I want to see from Insomniac’s Wolverine.


Wolverine can’t die. Or not easily. In comic’s he’s died before, multiple times, but it’s not something a few rounds of bullets can do.

I’d expect playing as the adamantium man, death not to come from such simple methods as ‘being beaten to death’.

How a game can achieve this and still maintain challenging gameplay will take some thought. Sure, it’s easy enough for a big boss or even powerful mobs to have a creative way to atomise Logan, but usually we have a need to include plenty of fodder who can outnumber and give you the ‘You died’ screen. How can these be made a threat?

Walk it off Logan.

Perhaps being knocked out is enough to then find yourself taken away to be submerged in an adamantium prison for the game over.

Either way, I would want to see some visual regeneration on the character model.

Bloody Murder

Playing an Arkham game, or Insomniacs Spiderman, you have to just take their word for it that the beatings you deal out aren’t leaving the baddies with more than some light bruises. Or a few broken bones. Crippling American medical bills aside, we are trusting that our heroes aren’t leaving a trail of corpses hung by web from the lamp posts. Or laid out like breadcrumbs in the Batmobiles wake for the GCPD to follow back to the Batcave.

But that’s Batman and Spiderman, with their no killing rules.

The Canadian killing machine has no such qualms. We’ve seen in X2 as Hugh Jackman slaughters his way through a swat team in the X-Mansion.

I don’t want those adamantium claws to be dealing non-lethal blows, how could they? Let’s not Cyclops-foot around. Logan is a death machine.

Other X-Men

I’m more than happy to play only as Logan, games with multiple player characters with different skills can get messy and generally prevent the devs focusing on how the world reacts to a single set of powers. However, I would like to see some other Xmen show up during the game.

Just as NPCs, or even busting in at pivotal cutscenes. Wolverine is pinned down and looks to have ordered his last Tim Hortons, the wall smashes through and Beep Boop Beep, Charles zooms in on his hover chair and leaves the enemy a dribbling mess on the floor.

I call this one the beep boop beep lobotomy

Even just having a fully lived in X-Mansion to walk around in outside of missions, talking to the many mutant NPCs would be fine.

Thought I fear they may approach this from a ‘pre-xmen’ lonely Logan days. Based on the dive bar we find trashed in the trailer.

Costume Changes

This one feels like it might be a given. With the Insomniac Spiderman game coming with a huge back catalogue of Spidey outfits from the films and comics alike. Let’s see a nice variety of Wolverine outfits. From the black leathers of the 2000s films, to the classic yellow and blue of the animated series. Let’s be honest, it’s this yellow and blue ensemble I’m wanting to see.

Logan's Sass

While not as quippy as a Peter Parker, Logan isn’t as sombre as Bruce Wayne either. I would love to have regular phone calls on the X-Phone (probably its name) from long-time rival and victim of sass, Scott Summers. Aka, Cyclops.

One of the best things about those 2000’s films was this petty relationship between Scott and Logan. From flipping him off with the claws to stealing his motorbike. Logan loves to wind Scott up. And I would love to see that play out in phone calls throughout the game.

All team coms broadcasts over the lines; “Hey, has anyone seen my visor, I’m walking around blind right now”.

“Nope”, as we see Wolverine throw a pair of ruby red glasses in the nearest trash can.

That’s it, that’s the 5 things I want to see from the upcoming Insomniac Wolverine game.

Is there any thing you want to see from the Wolverine game? The more ridiculous the better. Let us know in the comments.

Want to see that reveal trailer again. Lucky you, we have it right here:

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Sep 10, 2021

plot twist, it's actually a telltale clone and it's just primarily cutscenes

Cally John
Cally John
Sep 10, 2021
Replying to

I don't hate this idea. :D

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