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EA apologises for calling someone a “milkshake brain”

After a fan complained about a promotional offer for Need for Speed: Unbound, the Need for Speed Twitter account had an incredibly laughable response. It ultimately ended in the social media account staff member calling the fan a “milkshake brain”. Naturally, EA is having to do damage control after one of their staff insulted a fan.

The exchange has been deleted but someone was able to upload a screenshot of the discussion. It started when a fan complained about a Need for Speed: Unbound offer that gave players who pre-order it 3 days early access to the game. The original comment from the fan wasn't aggressive and was pretty standard for a sarcastic complaint on Twitter but the Need for Speed account immediately went off the deep end. It told the fan “reading is fundamental” then immediately called them a “milkshake brain” which led to “cry about it bro”.

Need for Speed has apologised on Twitter for the comments and promised they will “do better” in the future. It's unclear if the staff member thought they were joking with fans, thought they were being endearingly cheeky somehow or were just fed up with fan complaints. Either way, it's a pretty big public relations blunder and not one fans are likely to forget any time soon.

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