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Parts of the GTA V Source Code have been Leaked

Earlier this year, Rockstar was rocked by a massive leak which released videos and screenshots of the unreleased GTA VI. The supposed hacker was picked up by UK police shortly after the hack but the leaks aren't over yet. Part of the source code for GTA V has now appeared online.

The source code leak is focused on scripting functions and turntables. However, it's also being reported to include some cut content from GTA Online, developer notes and even parts of the anti-cheat software. Originally posted to GitHub, the leak has since been taken down by Rockstar Games and is no longer available to download. Naturally, it's being re-uploaded. While the source code leak sucks for Rockstar, it doesn't mean much for gamers. GTA V modders won't be able to make much use of the code from this leak since Rockstar will be looking to block anyone who confirms they have it. This leak supposedly includes code that allows people to alter the content in the game which is something Rockstar will want to keep under control.


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