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Dino Crisis’ Spiritual Sequel Roars into E3 2021

This last year has brought us more werewolves, zombies and vampires than we could ever need – but what has been severely lacking in our horror compendium is the inclusion of those lethal lizardfolk: dinosaurs.

Enter Instinction, a half-open world, half-survival horror blockbuster from Hashbane Interactive.

Blending a first- and third-person shooter experience – the choice is yours! – with the anxiety-inducing atmosphere you’d find in something like Until Dawn, Instinction’s very early teaser trailer looks absolutely breath-taking. If these screens are anything to go by, we’re in for a terrifying treat when this game lands sometime in 2022.

As mentioned, the game will allow you to switch between first- and third-person, which bodes well for the game’s variety of in-game tasks. The trailer reveals stealthy hunting sections, all-out moments of action and general exploration of the land and aquatic areas. Being able to swap viewpoints could make for one seriously immersive gaming experience, so here’s hoping more on this feature is revealed soon.

Currently in development for Xbox One and Series X/S, as well as PS4/5 and PC, there are talks to bring a Switch and Stadia variant into the mix too. That said, the graphical glory is most befitting of the PC format, which is where the game will be landing first upon its release – and it looks stunning.

Initial details surrounding Instinction were announced in a press release in February this year, but details are still thin on the ground at the time of writing. The Hashbane website is currently a closely guarded secret, too, but will be opening today with no doubt more information on this prehistoric thriller.

Here’s hoping we find out more about the trailer’s ominous “WE CAME TO PROTECT THEM” statement; let us know what you think it could all mean in the comments below.

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