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News Bits: China is limiting Under 18's to Three Hours of Gaming per Week

The Chinese government announced plans on Tuesday to place a curfew on under-18's to restrict the hours they can spend gaming. Originally posted on the official Chinese government website, the rules have quickly gained international attention.

PandaCute might have struggled to get where they are on 3 hours a week.

The restricted hours also come with limits to spending money on online games such as MMO's and free-to-play games. Under 16's can only spend 200 yuan or 29$ per month on their gaming accounts while those between 16 and 18 can spend 400 yuan or 58$ instead. The restricted hours have gathered the most attention however.

Minors will be banned from playing online games between 10pm and am while also limiting them to just 90 minutes of game time during the week. At the weekend and on national holidays, under 18's will be restricted to three hours instead.

According to the announcement, this is as part of efforts to reduce video game addiction amongst young people.

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