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Modders are remaking Team Fortress 2 because Valve won't

Team Fortress 2 isn't a game that we all regularly think of these days and Valve certainly doesn't give it much attention any more. Updates for the game are slow and rare, the development team still working on the game is probably very small.

Some fans of the game have decided to take action and hope to improve the future of Team Fortress 2. Even if Valve isn't paying too much attention to it right now.

What's happening to Team Fortress 2?

Amper Software is a team of modders focusing on the game and have undertaken codename Team Fortress: Source 2. They're looking to recreate all of TF2 within the Source 2 engine. If you don't know, the Source 2 engine was created by Valve and is being used for other Valve games such as Dota 2 and Half-Life: Alyx.

The project is aiming to remake the game on the updated source engine which will give it various improvements. It will bring Team Fortress 2 into the 'modern world' of gaming with a new physics engine and also graphical improvements. The engine the game was originally created on is at least 20 years old now so that game is very outdated as a result. Amper Software is looking to update the Team Fortress 2 experience by bringing it up to current FPS game standards.

Amper Software has already posted a short video to Gyfcat of their work so far. It's a quick look at Pyro in action on the Source 2 engine and a small map section.

Who is Amper Software?

The development team have a website here that will feature development updates as they continue the project. It also reveals there are currently two project leads and over 20 other people on the development team. This is not a small team but this is also a large project that will take time to complete.

Everyone on the Amper Software team is a volunteer modder and yes, they are still recruiting for the project. The team has a wide skill-set including programmers, level designers, 3D artists, environmental artists and Animators too.

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