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Alan Wake 2 May be in Production

According to previous rumours that we have heard about the projects of Remedy Studio, that studio's joint project with Epic Games is Alan Wake 2, and according to the official information that was recently available, this project has entered production.

The production stage is the stage in which the project begins to take shape, and the preparations for its marketing begin, and the allocation of specific numbers of developers working in the company to work on that project. Remedy's latest financial report also gives us some information about their upcoming games:

- CrossfireX development is going well, and the game will be released sometime this year

- Work is in full swing for Vanguard (a free shooter title), and I've had closed-door behind-the-scenes tests of the game after working on its core ideas.

- Work is now underway on a new project in its initial stage, which has new ideas according to the company's description

Crossfire X shaping up to be a decent FPS.

This information shows that Remedy Studio's schedule will remain busy for a long time, and this coincides with their latest game Control crossing the barrier of 10 million players, a very huge number that the studio has shared through its financial report, as it had officially stated its intention to expand into that private world. Alan Wake and Control with a new part of Control and a multiplayer title set within that world.

Control is now available for purchase on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. With upgraded versions for the new gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S by providing ray tracing technology and a higher frame rate.

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