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Cancelled Duke Nukem Begins Trailer has been Posted Online

Duke Nukem Begins was cancelled in 2008 due to legal issues surrounding the Duke Nukem franchise during that time. Gearbox Software was looking to create an origin story for the popular character during the late 2000s but sadly, the project was cancelled. However, a trailer for the game has been posted online by someone who worked on the game.

Why is the Trailer finally Online?

Gregor Punchatz is now an artists working for id Software to create demon sculptures for the Doom series but he was once the director of Janimation. The company was hired by Gearbox Software to create an animated version of what Duke Nukem Begins looked like. He's posted the trailer to his personal YouTube channel.

In the description he states that the cancellation “crushed” the team since they thought it would help them “compete with the bigger players in the game trailer market at the time”. Despite it being over 10 years since the project was cancelled, Punchartz is still “”damn proud” of the piece his team created. He believed the team still “deserves to see this released into the wild” so, he published it on YouTube.

The Trailer

Duke Nukem Begins might never be released but the trailer is exactly what we'd expect for the series. Featuring Duke lighting a cigar using the flaming hand of a dead enemy, beating another enemy with the torn off arm of yet another enemy and then slinging the arm on his back to use later.

There's plenty of action and it confirmed four player co-op was going to be an option so that four Duke Nukems would be running around together. Naturally, there's also a giant enemy wielding the Eiffel tower for Duke Nukem to fight.

Punchayz did also mention that he hopes the trailer helps to resurrect it or inspires the development of a new origin story. We can only wait and see if anything will ever come from it.

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