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Which Switch is Which??

Original, improved battery model, and the lite… now comes another switch which switches unlike the lite.

Switch fans rejoice, we finally have a pro? Or a redesigned version at least.

Nintendo have announced a brand new switch console for October 8th this year. The handheld

gizmo is having a rebrand as it features an OLED screen and a 7 inch screen with a smaller bezel. This is welcomed as the original had the screen size of 6.2 inches.

The stand is a lot wider and opens further allowing you to engage in Mario Cart like an absolute

fanatic! With 64GB base memory and of course improved and enhanced speakers.

The colours are vibrant and new with white taking lead and the classic neon not far behind.

This new OLED model is priced at $350 American.

With the lite being a decent on the go model, this new OLED large screen variant is hopefully enough to sate the Nintendo fans who were hoping for a more powerful Switch Pro.

Even if it's not a vast improvement on power, I'm sure Nintendo fans will be drooling to grab one for Christmas this year!!

The LAN port for the dock is welcomed as it’s a great way to stay online and play with friends.

So the real question is will this be as hard to get as the current mainstream consoles? Switch has been outselling both the XSX and PS5 due to higher availability. But traditionally a new Nintendo console results in a higher demand than they can push out products.

Take a look at the announcement trailer below.

Can't wait for the next model, pick up the Switch Classic or the Lite here.

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