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Nintendo Switch Pro Possibly Leaked

Ever since the release of the Nintendo Switch people have been desperate for a Switch Pro. I love my Switch but I’ve been getting impatient waiting for a better version that I can use as a handheld console and not have to bring a power pack with me.

Well a higher resolution and hopefully longer lasting Switch might be around the corner. Twitter account Spawn Wave noticed that Universal Display Corps Q1 investors call mentions that “Nintendo has selected an OLED screen for the new Switch Pro due to OLED benefits of higher contrast of faster response times.”

Probably not the Switch Pro. Probably.

It makes me think that any Breath of the Wild 2 news has been kept quiet because it’s going to release with the Switch Pro. I can’t think of a better game for them to show off their shiny new hardware or to give people a reason to buy a whole new Switch.

If this is true I can only imagine this leak has infuriated Nintendo. A company that hates leaks so much that they reportedly cancelled a live action Zelda TV for Netflix after it got leaked to The Wall Street Journal. They were seething so much that they also cancelled a Starfox claymation Netflix was making.

Which of you Goombas leaked the Pro?!

So there is a good chance that after this leak they may well just scrap the Switch Pro out of spite.

Grab Nintendo's latest with New Pokémon Snap and if you wont wait for the pro, a Switch to run it on.

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