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Learn all about the promising Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta for iPhone, iPad and PC

Microsoft Xbox has expanded their Cloud Gaming Beta into web browsers. Making it now available on PC as well as Apple products such as iPhone and iPad.

As all gamers know, Microsoft is currently one of the most important companies in videogames, since in addition to its successful console: Xbox, Microsoft also has several videogame development companies and offers all kinds of beneficial services for its users. It could even be said that Xbox is currently the best console series in terms of services for gamers, which is quite understandable considering that the giant Microsoft is an expert in this field.

Among all the services offered by Xbox, the most loved by its players is undoubtedly Game Pass, which allows its users to be free to access a large catalogue of games just by paying a monthly subscription. However, it seems that this will not be the only great advantage that its users could have, since a few days ago the expected Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta was released, a service that will allow Game Pass Ultimate users to access their catalogue of videogames from their iPhone or PC via web browser.

That said, let's dig a little deeper into this promising service.

Xbox Cloud Gaming (also known as Project xCloud) is the videogame streaming service developed by Microsoft, which promises to be a big step in the accessibility of videogames, since this technology allows players to only require a good internet connection to enjoy games, regardless of the hardware used (of course, as long as it is compatible).

The xCloud Beta version was already released on April 20, but it is only available to a limited number of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, who were previously selected. These users received an email in their account linked to Xbox Live, which indicated that they were selected to test the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta available for iPhone, iPad and Windows 10 PC.

Available beta titles

The Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta has more than 150 games, but only 50 of them will have support for touch play on iPhone or iPad, so it will be necessary to have a Bluetooth controller to enjoy the other videogames available. Some outstanding games that can be played on xCloud are Halo The Master Chief Collection, Skyrim, Batman Arkham Knights, Battletoads, Streets of Rage 4, Yakuza Kiwami 2, among others.

The situation with the App Store

As some of you already know, this service was originally going to be available in the iOS App Store, however this had to be cancelled due to the fact that this type of apps conflict with certain App Store rules, so the Project xCloud management had to focus completely on this service for the iOS web app. It can be said that this decision turned out to be quite wise, as it considerably increased the accessibility of xCloud.

While Android OS phones are more numerous globally. In America the younger generation are almost entirely iPhone users. So this market is incredibly important for Xbox's ambitions for play anywhere gaming.

The PC version

In the case of the Windows 10 version, this is available both for web browsers and also in a program that must be installed. The browsers supported by Xbox Cloud Gaming are Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari.

To conclude, it should be mentioned that according to statements by Catherine Gluckstein, (Vice President & Head of Product & Strategy of Xbox Cloud Gaming), it is planned that this service will be available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users in the coming months, as the goal is that more people have the opportunity to try this new way to play Xbox.

Having said that, we can only wait to enjoy this promising service that will undoubtedly improve the availability of videogames.

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