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US Army plans to turn gamers into soldiers leaked

Newly leaked documents from the US Army reveal how it intends to spend millions in an attempt to convince gamers to become real soldiers. According to the documents, it wasn't just gamers they were targeting. The plan was to reach Generation Z, women, Black and Hispanic people through Twitch and other popular companies.

Obtained by Motherboard, the document reveals the US Army allocated millions to sponsor esport tournaments, individual Call of Duty streamers and Twitch events over the past year. However, Motherboard reveals that many of the sponsorships didn't actually happen as the US Army stopped all spending with Activision after the wave of sexual harassment complaints. The documents do reveal the Army's goals and intentions for integrating with entertainment franchises.

According to the documents, the US military wanted to use gaming as a branding and recruitment tool. The intention was to use Twitch influencers to “create original content videos showcasing the wide range of skill sets offered by the Army” and to make their fans familiar with the “Army values and opportunities”.

On a separate note, IGN's Summer Game Fest coverage in June 2022 did have frequent ads for the US Army throughout the event. Previously, adverts for the US Army were once a common sight on Twitch.

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