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Nintendo shuts down Smash Bros Fan Tournament at the last minute

One of the largest Super Smash Bros fan tournaments has allegedly been shut down by Nintendo, just days away from the start of the event. The Smash World Tour was set to have its annual championship from December 9th to 11th but the organisers have been forced to close it down.

According to the statement released by the organisers, Nintendo has suddenly decided to shut down the event. The team had been working with Nintendo about receiving a licence to allow them to continue hosting Smash Bros tournaments. After “twelve months” of talks with Nintendo, the notice came “without any warning”.

The organisers go on to explain they had held off announcing the 2022 Smash World Tour event “per the request of Nintendo” as the aim was to get licensed before then. They believe that the CEO and co-founder of Panda Global sabotaged the event. Panda Global holds its own officially Nintendo-licensed Smash Bros tournament and the Smash World Tour organisers suspect they had a role in the sudden attitude change from Nintendo.

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