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News Bit: Half-Life 2 is kinda on the Nintendo Switch

OatmealDome, a well-known dataminer for Switch, has posted to Twitter after managing to run Half-Life 2 on the console. It looks like the full game files for it were hidden inside the recently released Portal collection for the Switch console. This seems to be a work-in-progress but the game is running, though it doesn't work correctly.

Half-Life 2 on Switch does occasionally crash but that's not all. OatmealDome states that “some maps are impossible to progress in” and notes that the save feature doesn't work at all. In addition to this the NPC animations are bugged and the world cameras don't spawn correctly. The gameplay video posted to YouTube does show the game is running relatively well but it's not perfect.

According to the modder, one of the reasons this works so well is due to Portal 1 being a “glorified mode for Half-Life 2”. This allows Half-Life 2 to run on the Nintendo Switch despite there being some problems. However, it's pretty curious why almost the full game was bundled into the Portal Compaion Collection for the Nintendo Switch.

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