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Nintendo Switch Sports: Review

If you remember back in 2006-07, you were probably a clueless child or teenager at the time, just itching to be active within a living room (who isn’t). This would be followed by “Lucky you, Nintendo had your back” however Wii fit didn’t come out until the end of 2007, so we instead had Wii Sports. Better known as the free game that came with the new console, Wii Sports was a success among families for its impressive motion control and easy competitive gameplay. Due to this commercial success, additional versions were created with some new titles such as Wii Sports resort, containing a catalogue of additional games.

Fast forward to 2022 and with the mirrored, if not superior success of the Nintendo switch, we also were blessed with the latest iteration in the sports series. Switch sports was announced back in Feb 2022 and boasted a similar vibe that many Nintendo fans had grown up with, surging excitement. With a few iterations in between the first and latest release does switch sports provide the same entertainment and truly grow from its predecessors?

If the answer was yes and I left it at that, aside from my boss being unhappy with the quality of my work, I would also be leaving a lot of facts out. Switch sport is absolutely the next step within the sports series and holds the quality of gameplay far higher than ever before.

Offering 6 Games consisting of some old and new entries, switch sports offers an experience that allows the switch’s motion controls to shine. Making use of more complex mechanics to improve the games provided, you will rarely find yourself flailing to win and will need some basic precision. A simple character creator is provided allowing personalised and improved Mii’s to be created, with further unlockable features through game modes. The sports can also be enjoyed solo as well as within a group, either via single-player or through online multiplayer, meaning you don’t need a full couch to have some fun.

The sports available from the start are volleyball, badminton, bowling, soccer, chambara, and tennis with golf being set to drop as free DLC in the future. Most sports focus on the motion controls and guide players through simple tutorials and actions required to win. Soccer or the correct way to say it, football, requires you to take control of your character and navigate the field using a joystick using button prompts and motion controls to kick and score. This is a fairly big change in formula for the series as most sports rarely allow you to freely move a character. It does however throw in a happy competitive game mode that brings a fresh perspective.

Where all the positives sit however there is a point that does need to be made, and that is the quantity available. The sports provided are improved and fleshed out for a solid competitive experience in comparison to past games. However, given the number of sports that have been released in the previous entries, it’s disheartening that there are so few present here. If there were more to be released over time this could improve the experience given the current retail price. As the latest entry within what could be considered a series for Nintendo, there is an expectation of further growth in both quality and quantity.

Overall Switch sports contains plenty of fun, providing some good competitive gameplay through varying minigames. The updated mechanics and graphics add to the charm and experience making this the best looking and most responsive entry yet. However, with so little on offer despite the quality, it’s hard to say if this would be a game that you could play for an evening or just for an hour or so. Combining this with the slightly lower than normal pricing does make the experience more acceptable, especially with the possibility of further game modes being added. But as a released experience it does feel rather empty.

If you do find yourself wanting a game to play with family or friends both near and far on Switch, this is a slightly cheaper way to do so. If you own a switch, then I would recommend this to those who enjoy some couch competitive days. If you don’t own a switch, then I wouldn’t purchase one for the sake of this title as it is still very limited and not worth the £200+ pricing.

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