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The Music of Assasins Creed Vallhalla Wrath of the Druids

In this article, we will explore the music of Assassins Creed Valhalla Wrath of Druid's upcoming instalment to the assassins creed series from Ubisoft.

Composers can breathe life and personality into an Art form, which for the longest was largely clinical.

Julie Fowlis

Is a Scottish folk singer and multi-instrumentalist who sings primarily in Scottish Gaelic; after a degree in Applied Music at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow where she studied the oboe and the English Horn.

She then went on to Sabhal Mòr Ostaig a Gaelic language college on the Isle of Skye.

She has released several albums through Machair records Label operated by her and her husband.

Enair Selvik

Known by his stage name Kvitfran is a Norwegian musician known for being the drummer in the black metal band Gorgoroth has worked on the soundtrack for history channels the Vikings, which has given him international fame.

In addition to work on Assassins creed Valhalla, he has lent his talents to the themes song from league of legends Volibear.

Enair Selvik and Julie Fowlis Collaborate on two unique tracks on the Assassins Creed Valhall Soundtrack: Candid Lia Fáil and Flann for Éririnn.

After being fans and colleagues of one another for some time the opportunity to collaborate on a project felt very natural.

A collaboration that is a mutual union of two unique talents, rather than a forced collaboration.

Flann for Éririnn

Flann for Éririnn is a poem dating from the early 800s, of this Julie Fowlis says the following:

Music and Language shape our identity as Gales. We wanted the old Irish Gaelic a mysterious language. We know it’s a written language, but we don’t know how it would have sounded said Julie Fowlis. I think putting voice to this poem is like exorcising forlorn ghosts from the past.
Flann for Éririnn resonates with an ancient pain, a longing that tears at your heart disturbing ancient wounds that reside in your soul. Enair puts a lot of heart into his work and it's important to reflect on the game and the culture. It was Challenging creating a language we didn’t know how it sounded.
It involved a lot of educated guesswork.

Julie Fowlis Both songs were different stylistically and linguistically, which presented an interesting challenge during Covid.

Candid Lia Fáil

I love the balance of feminine and masculine energy in this song.

It's almost like the two competing energies as separate, in the opening verse when you hear Julie Fowlis voice in solo.

Then as the song progresses and the drums come in there is a driving masculine power that encircles that feminine voice bestowing it with power and presence.

This is all conveyed through the instrumentation expertly arranged by Enair Selvik.

It makes me feel like there is a better future out there for the druids and their culture.

But they are going to have to stand up for themselves and fight for it.

In Conclusion

Lilla Rogers says the difference between good art and great art is when you feel the artist’s individual voice uniquely come through the art.

I would go one stage further and say a great artist becomes a conduit for voices of an ancient past.

Julie Fowlis and Enair Selvik have allowed their combined talents to become a mouthpiece for the druids, Allowing their voices and struggles to be brought to life in an energizing and entreating way.

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Assassins Creed Valhalla Wrath of Druids The soundtrack is also available to buy on MP3. .

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